Senior English Elective Courses

Here at CCHS, we’re very fortunate as seniors to be able to choose from a multitude of elective courses. One of the most important Senior elective choices are the English classes you will take during this last year of high school.

Mrs. Crystal Harsy, the English Department Chair at CCHS says, “It’s important to have senior electives because by the time have reached that point in high school, They have already taken three years of English, and they have practiced different types of writing and read quite a bit, and have started to determine their goals and what they want to be, so we want to have a variety of classes for seniors so that they can still continue to develop their English class skills but specific to the type of work or plans they have after High School. 


Seniors seem to take a liking to the English courses as well, as many view them as a great bridge into college. 


Nathan Torres, Senior at CCHS, says, “I think having electives for English our senior year is a great way to kind of give us a taste of all the different directions you can go with English. If you wanna go into Journalism, you can get a bit of a taste of that by taking this class. Also, all of these courses are fun. Our teachers know this is our last year, and they want to make sure it isn’t a boring year for us”  

Amira Ruperto, also a Senior at CCHS, says, “I think that it is important for seniors to have the ability to choose which English they want to take because we’re about to be in college and in college you have a time to take classes that you want to do and it allows us to do more things in English that we are interested in like journalism or creative writing, or classes that are more enjoyable compared to regular classes. This gives us some more freedom in our English educational learning” 


Senior English teachers also find the elective options to be a great addition to their teaching schedules. 


English teacher Ms. Lindsey Sears says, “I like teaching senior electives because students have the opportunity to choose what they’re studying, so they are usually more engaged during class, and I appreciate that effort.” 


English teacher Mrs. Katie Zamora-Godinez says, “I teach creative writing. I really like teaching creative writing because it’s a different form of writing. It’s not essays, or analysis, or research. Nothing like that, it’s something different. With creative writing you get to learn about different writing techniques, genres, like poetry, vignettes, short stories, and you even get to do a podcast at the end of the semester! So it’s just a different type of writing. I get to see something out of students that I don’t normally get to see the first 3 years, because they are doing more analyzing. Creative writing gets them out of their comfort zone.” 


Sears also says, “Senior English electives are important because it gives students the freedom of choice. Their entire high school career, they’ve been limited on what classes they can take, but when they are seniors they finally get a chance to study something they’re interested in.” 

By taking these elective courses, Seniors set themselves up for a successful transition into college. Enjoy the rest of your year, Seniors!