Introduction to Technology at CCHS

Introduction to Technology is a class taught at Carbondale Community High School by Mr. Moberley. One of his students, Ciara Fulmer, talks about what the class entails.

“A lot of what we do is work with (Adobe) Illustrator, and photoshop photos and do stuff like that and just get into the technology world and 3D printing and a little bit of shirt design.”

This course teaches about a wide variety of different subjects, but has a focus on the technology portion of the class. CCHS principal Ryan Thomas shares his thoughts on technology courses at CCHS 

“I think [technology] is just, ever changing, and every year, there’s new technology. Keeping our students up to date with that new technology will really help them become leaders in whatever path they choose going forward. So, being technology literate is a big deal for students coming into the highschool as well as students leaving the highschool. Because, as we all know, technology is usually going to keep advancing and keep advancing. Keeping our students and faculty up on the latest technology is very important.”

Intro to Tech is a course that keeps students entertained and engaged in their school work. Don Moberly, the teacher of Intro to Tech as well as many other CTE courses at CCHS, talks about some things they do in Intro to Tech as well as their current project.