Halfway Point of the School Year

Blake Taylor

Carbondale Community High School is now almost complete with the first semester. CCHS has had everyone back this year with a full schedule. Although everyone has to wear masks, the school year has been a success so far and the students have adjusted to getting back to normal. 

“We lost that connection with students and lost that structure that we need,” said CCHS Principal Ryan Thomas, “and it’s been an adjustment”… “We are getting used to it.”

One thing that is making the return because school is back to normalcy is the final exam. They are worth 20% of the students’ grade and for ¾ of the school, this will be either their first exam, or second exam. For sophomore Bodhi Tabor, he feels confident but is also nervous about the final exam.

“I feel pretty good about it,” Tabor says, “It is pretty nerve wracking taking them for the first time.”

Although Seniors have already taken final exams 3 total times, final exams still are very scary according to Senior Mark Lenzini.

“As a senior, we have only taken one year of final exams,” said Lenzini, “I think I’ll do alright, I’ve studied hard for Government.

Also, since seniors have experience taking exams, Lenzini gives the underclassmen some well needed advice.

“Study hard,” Lenzini said, “put in the work and don’t mess around with finals”.

Once finals are over, it will be time to look forward towards the next semester. Students will have a new schedule and take different classes, but Mr. Thomas once to see improvement.

“We are going to make an emphasis at school on things like tardies and getting to class on time,” Thomas said, “so we can have a good spring semester.” 

Carbondale Community High School will come back to school for the spring semester on January 3.