Sewing Machine. Stitches. Embroidery Machines. Oh My!

The title ‘seamed’ fitting.

Alyvia Bergman

CCHS has one of the widest variety of classes to take in Southern Illinois. Ranging all the way from forensics to sewing/ Sewing is one of the most underrated classes to take at this school. Although underrated it can be very beneficial and money saving to you in your future.

In this class you will learn how to use a sewing machine as well as learning how to sew your own clothes.

When asking a current student at this school why she took this class and what she likes most about it, she responded;

“I joined the sewing class because I’ve been taught to sew partially by my grandmother. And I’ve always enjoyed the sound and motions of the sewing machine, but I decided to take this class s0 that way I could actually learn learn how to sew in a teaching setting instead of just my grandmother¬† giving her knowledge. I wanted to have a classroom setting to learn it. I think it’s a good skill to have, you’ll never know when you need to fix something or just maybe you want to make your own.”