Meet Ms. Burton


After being remote for a year, students will likely notice some new faces among the staff here at CCHS. 


Ms. Burton in particular, started working here in the 2020-2021 school year, in the middle of the pandemic, as our new Reading Teacher. 


Her classroom is located in the library, sort of secluding her from the student body masses. If you aren’t a frequent library visitor, chances are you haven’t met Ms. burton. 


I asked Ms. Burton what she liked most about CCHS, to which she responded 


“My favorite part would have to be the community and the different little niches that I’ve seen and been able to participate in. I love the scene in the library, because my classroom is there, and it’s just really inclusive, everyone gets to find their interest group. And, the library is stocked really well of course. I also love getting to help with the tennis team which lets me get to know a whole different group of students. This also lets me get to see a more full picture view of what is going on in the school. I just think it’s great how there’s something for everyone here.” 


She also finds CCHS to be different from other districts in the best ways possible.


 “I feel like what makes CCHS different is the dedication of the teachers. Every teacher that I know here is super dedicated to not only their content area, and their department, but they really want to delay their enthusiasm about the content to their students, and that carries over to caring about the students. These teachers are more involved in what their students are doing and more invested in their students than any school I’ve ever worked at. ” 


We hope to see Ms. Burton call CCHS her home for many years to come.