Senior Game Night

Nathan Torres

The senior class hosted a game night inside the CCHS gymnasium on Wednesday, November 10th from 7 to 9 pm. The game night was solely for seniors and they had to RSVP prior to the event. It consisted of many games including  board games, basketball, table tennis and video games. 

When arriving at the game night, the seniors were given a wrist band. That wrist band included two free slices of pizza and a choice of soda or water. They were also given a free drink koozie as a gift for being a senior. The senior executive board planned the event. More than 70 seniors RSVP for the event.

Senior Tim Lin looks at the game night as a way to relax and meet new people:

“As seniors, this is our last year, this is the last time we all get to hang out together, and its just time to have fun. It puts away all the stress and after every quarter we’re usually burnt out because of college applications and stuff, and it’s just a nice way to have fun with people that you don’t usually hang out with outside of school.”

The game was the 2nd quarter event for the seniors. Each quarter, the senior class will host an event only for seniors to commemorate their last year together. The first quarter event was a movie night on the turf field. As each event has been hosted, there has been an increase of seniors showing up.