CCHS Car Meet

Sophia Teague

Sophia Teague

There aren’t a lot of things to do around here in Carbondale, but local Carbondale kids and students have created a weekly tradition. 

Located in our home town of Carbondale, are car meets. People bring their cars to show off here.


“There’s fairly fun you know, we kind of just sit around and chill and talk about cars you know, it’s really just a good space to talk about your car, learn more about other people’s cars, and meet new friends” says car enthusiast, Ryan Hawk.


These meets have various types of cars that show up.


 Lately these meets have been crowded with people interested in cars. They bring their own cars to show off or just admire all the different cars. All different types of people come.


“It’s fairly local, most of the people that come are from Carbondale or Murphy area. The furthest someone has come is from Benton”.


 These car meets are held locally in front of Best Buy every Tuesday night and some of the members have breakfast on Sundays to continue their talk about cars.