Carbondale vs Mt.Vernon


On Tuesday September 28 at around 5:00 pm, a volleyball game between the Carbondale terriers and the Mt.Vernon lady rams went head to head at the Mt.Vernon high school. Both teams put up a great fight and played hard but in the end the Carbondale Terriers won with the score of 2-1. But, during and after the game it seems as if students that attend Mt.Vernon high school made verbal harassments both sexually and physically to the Carbondale players that had to be handled  by the staff at Mt.Vernon high school the following morning. Many of the players talked about all of the hurtful things that the students said in the locker room and on the way back home that night and told their coaches about it. Some players even felt uncomfortable about the whole situation. “It was weird hearing those things from people we didn’t even know… they probably saw we were winning and got instantly angry about it” said one of the players. Once the Mt.Vernon school staff got informed on what happened that night they hopefully took it into their own hands to discipline anyone they found out were involved and made it clear of the expectations and rules when going into a school game. The students involved remain anonymous and have hopefully learned their lessons. Now the Carbondale terriers have decided to focus on their next conference game on Thursday September 30 against Altaf catholic school at 5:00 pm.