Live Once, Serve Twice


Marritt Vaughn

CCHS Girls Tennis Team at the Triad Tournament.

When you drive past Carbondale Community High School in the evenings, chances are you’ve seen the Girls Tennis team practicing on the courts from 3:30-5:30. The girls are mid-season right now with a winning record of 16-5, and things are still looking good for them in the future. 

Varsity player, Emily Fulk (senior), says “I’m very proud of our team so far this year. It’s been difficult with some injury setbacks but it’s inspiring to see other girls step up when needed.” Fulk sees nothing but improvement in her team from the summer. “Some of our girls hadn’t even played tennis before this summer, and now they’re playing full matches,” says Fulk.

Sadly, Fulk’s senior season has had some injury setbacks, but even on the matches she couldn’t play in, she was able to step up into a coaching role. Being a senior, student-coaching is a sort of right of passage. She says, “Being one of the oldest, I think it’s important to be responsible for guiding the younger players. It has been one of the highlights of my high school career to play with these girls.”

Though Fulk’s last season is coming to an end here at CCHS, she says “While I’m sad that it’s my last season, I’m also glad that I’ve been able to have all of these team experiences. I wouldn’t trade my time on this team for anything.”

When talking to Head Coach, Mike Butler, he seems optimistic about the season’s future. Butler says, “We’ve never not had a double digit winning record in the history of the girls tennis program. Right now we’re 16-5, and we have the potential to continue to win.”

Butler has coached both the boys and girls tennis teams here at CCHS for quite some time. He also says that “We have never had a girls player not qualify to play at the state level, but right now we’re focusing on the conference and sectional tournament levels.”

In regards to the team roster, Butler says he may be considering match-up changes for the doubles teams. “Sometimes we have to make these changes for the greater benefit of the team, even if it is mid-season. We have the potential to win more matches from those changes.”

In doubles, the chemistry you have with your partner can greatly affect how you succeed in the game. Finding out who you “click” best with not only benefits your wins, but also makes the team experience much more enjoyable. 

Catch the Girls South 7 Conference Tournament @Home on Saturday October 9th at 10am. Go Terriers!