Terrierfest 2021: What to Expect


Frank Bleyer Field, the home of this year’s Terrierfest

This school year has been uncertain to put it lightly, but there has always been on thing that Carbondale students can rely on: Terrierfest. The popular celebratory event was introduced to award good behavior during the 2018 school year and has been a staple in the C.C.H.S. experience ever since. In previous years the festival has taken place in the gym, but due to health regulations, this year it will happen outside on May 1st at Frank Bleyer Field. There is a Luau theme and students are expected to dress for the occasion.

Some Carbondale students were upset to hear that there would be no prom this year and that it would be replaced by Terrierfest. Student Activities Director, Brandi Jones had this to say about the administration’s decision: “We decided to have Senior Terrierfest instead of prom due to the Health Department’s restrictions on how close students could be to one another when dancing. No one wants to dance three to six feet apart from their friends all night except maybe during the Cha Cha Slide!” There will not be a prom, but there will still be a senior court and a King and Queen. There are 6 senior boys and girls on the court and voting will be held online from April 26-29. Senior court members have already been announced and the elected Senior King and Queen will be crowned at 9:00 PM during the festival.

Like previous years there will be lots of activities for students to participate in. There will still be the classic inflatable Gladiator Arena, various yard games, Soccer Darts, and the Bungee Battle along with new additions such as Giant Inflatable Plinko and inflatable Basketball Hoops. There will also be music playing over the loudspeakers throughout the night and box dinners from a local sandwich shop. Students will be able to choose their dinner when they purchase Terrierfest ticket for $5. Brandi Jones also says that, “Students should expect three hours of fun, music, food, prizes, and games. It is definitely something seniors will not want to miss.”

Photo: cchs165 on Instagram
Brothers Tavaris and Davaris Macklin compete in the Inflatable Bungee Battle at 2019 Winter Terrierfest