The Impact Of CCHS Organizations


The Impact Of CCHS Clubs And Activities 

By: Jarion Weston 


Carbondale Community High School, home of our pride, community, and institution. And as part of our institution, our organizations provide the foundation. Our clubs and group activities have performed, entertained, and fundraised across many different communities, including their own, to reach out and make as many impressions as possible. Even though this year hasn’t been the most active, the following year has played a tremendous role in creating a high-profiled atmosphere for our school. Many factors, such as, football, student council, book club, etc., have all showed massive impact on school and local community. 

One of the most progressive influential organizations we have is football. In the past two years, our football has been interviewed and commercialized by the media for many of their achievements. Consistently winning against old rivals and earning top spots in Conference have made them the talk of the town, or many towns that is.

They have made their presence known throughout various communities and most importantly their own.  Many kids, students, parents and teachers from the Carbondale area has all donated in many ways to get new equipment, jerseys, food, and clothes to help them stay comfortable since last year all the way through the pandemic.  

The humongous influence over the community was unexplainable, so I even asked starting offensive lineman, Jackson Grant, on why he thinks his work has suddenly made a large impact on his community. He says, “Because we proved to people, our community, and each other we have something to put our faith and pride in. With that being said, I could tell that the massive impact they have now would only continue to grow. 

Another one of the clubs that has showed a massive impact in the last year up till now is the Book Club. The book club is hosted by Mrs. Taylor, and consists of students who all favor reading. Lately, they have been traveling to different schools’ book fairs to volunteer and having the football team to show their support by reading to kids from kindergarten to elementary school in hopes of inspiring them to succeed in life. This showed the reach they have with their influence and showed how no one’s too young or old to be inspired.

Now, kids see them, and they set expectations for themselves in hope to be someone important one day. I asked fellow member, Jack Randall, if he thought community service, like reading to kids, is fundamentally important. He answered, “Well, kids look at the older kids as an example of what to be and how to act. So, if we use that advantage, we could make sure that they stay on the right path and install hope and passion for them to do something good.”