Soon to be a Freshman

Soon to be a Freshman

Kimmia Acree

    Congrats, you’re officially transitioning into high school. The school year is almost over and while old freshman will be becoming sophomore’s new freshman will be coming in. Your first day of high school is a milestone that is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time for nearly every student.

There are many tips freshman can take before entering high school. I had the chance to sit with Carbondale Community High School Principal Mr. Thomas who gave really good tips for upcoming freshman and the many ways to succeed throughout high school. “Be involved- join a club, sport, organization. You get out of high school what you put you into high school”. “Ask questions- Teachers and administrators are here to help, it’s their job. I know it’s not easy sometimes, but students are at a great benefit when using their resources(teachers)”. “Good attendance- I know this should be a given, but if a student is missing 1 day per week, that adds up to 36 absences in a school year. It is hard to be successful missing 20% of school/job”.

Create a 4-year high school plan think about what you would like to accomplish in the next four years. “Make sure you know which high school course are required by colleges, and that you’re taking the rights classes as early as the ninth grade. You can ask your counselor about what those “right” classes are”. “Start thinking about your life after school, including the types of jobs that might interest you. Of course, these will change often but it’s good to start thinking about the possibilities”. Said Mrs. Murphy a college and career counselor here at Carbondale Community high school. Ultimately, your freshman year grades are important because they will weigh into your gpa and affect your class rank, both of which are factors that a college admissions committee is very interested in.

Identify your interests- likes and dislikes not just in classes but also in every area. This will help you focus on your goals. Talk to other people, such as your school counselor, teachers, recent high school graduates who are working, professionals in the community, etc.

I had the chance to sit with Malkia Tucker and she gave some good advice for incoming freshman and for freshman that’s still in high school. “We were all freshman before, so I think it’s really good that we help students who are going to be freshman and are scared to face high school”. “I think the biggest advice I would give to freshman is be the real you. Sometimes it is easier to try and fit in with the crowd than be who you really are. You will be happier if you are true to yourself. Whether you are an athlete, computer guru or a Brilliant mathematician just be yourself”. “another big tip is making wise decisions. I wish I would have made wiser decision not only as a freshman but overall, in high school and now an adult, but don’t look back on high school as a time of regret. For example, partying everyone wants to have fun but don’t make an everyday decision to where you’re slacking on schoolwork. Don’t give into peer pressure to try something that is illegal or that you aren’t ready for. Like underage drinking where you and the other kids can get into a lot of trouble”.

Think about the future. “you may not be ready to grow up but it’s good to always have the future on your mind. If you want to go to college, make sure you are doing things to help you prepare for college. For example: Start looking into colleges that interest you. Also, make sure you look at their requirement’s this will be good for you because it helps you take classes that you need for that specific college. Also, for me I would say volunteer not all students volunteer work, but this shows people that you care about others and are willing to work hard”.

“The last thing I would say is having fun. High School years will fly by so fast. Just the other day it felt like I was a Freshman in high school now I’m a senior and about to graduate and go off to college. Be

intentional about making memories and having fun. Be the person who cheers for their team. Here we have a bunch of sports so it would be good for you guys to come out and cheer on the terriers, ask someone to homecoming and when that time comes even prom. Have fun with your friends”.