Senior Festivities: Terrierfest or Senior Prom?


Photo by Brandi Jones

Chloe Calhoun

Wednesday, March 24th, seniors received a form to choose the details of their upcoming senior events. Students were given the option of what movie to watch and whether or not they wanted a last Terrierfest or a prom.

There are many good qualities about both Terrierfest and prom that may make the option difficult for many seniors. To many, such as myself, prom is the clear option. However, it is important to look at what students will actually be choosing between.

A senior prom is something many students look forward to growing up. It’s displayed in the movies we watch as kids and students watch as their upperclassmen post to Instagram about their proms. Last school year, the class of 2021 missed out on their first prom opportunity. If there is not a prom this year, most students in this graduating class will have never attended a prom.

Prom also gives students more opportunities throughout the day to spend making memories with their friends. The day of prom, many students spend time getting dressed, having dinner, and taking pictures with their friends hours before the dance even starts. If a prom is voted for, it will be held in the gym instead of the Civics Center like usual.

Terrierfest, however, is another event the class of 2021 could celebrate. Throughout the normal course of the school year, students are awarded for good behavior and attendance with Terrierfests. At Terrierfest, students celebrate with inflatables, food and drinks, and various gam

The high school football field will be the location of Terrierfest if voted for.
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es for a class period of their day. This event would be held out on the football field if voted for.

A last Terrierfest could be fun for students, but it is not a big event that students wait years to experience. Students of all grades typically get a Terrierfest, but only Juniors and Seniors get a prom. Seniors have had plenty of Terrierfests since their freshman year and are used to this experience

Overall, whether the senior class votes for prom or Terrierfest, either option will be a good last chance for the Class of 2021 to make a few final memories together in this unusual senior year.