Sports Looking Different During Covid

Faith Halliday

Almost exactly a year ago from this month the world shut down and civilization and reality were ripped away from everyone. Now here we are still fighting the same fight down the road. With everything being so crazy it’s hard to find something that is normal. In this crazy world I think we are finally starting to make a new normal out of things we thought we never would even have to face. For the Seniors everything has been very different, well it has been for everyone but for us I feel like it’s more in your face different. Getting ready to take on the world and all the new adventures our last years of really being a “kid” have been taken away. For all of us that means different things but for my side and many of my friends this means sports. Sports were taken away then put back on, it seems like this pattern repeated itself thirty times before we ever got any good news. Threw out this whole time there were a lot of new experiences with the team that took place that myself or my teammates would’ve never gotten and all I can do is be grateful for that. Starting out practicing on the football field, every day we would meet there to get in our exercise so we would be prepared when they told us it was go time. After that came the being allowed to go in the gym but only for a small period and no coaching, we just got our own ball and got to shoot but we couldn’t touch anyone else’s ball. Throughout the whole time they took away added more things trying to move us forward so we could do more things, but there were many setbacks throughout all of it. Then we finally got a season, we were told we could play our season would only be a short two months if even that and we could only play certain teams within our covid region. Going to the gym being able to

play with my teammates made everything feel normal away from the temperature checks and the questions they ask before any event. Aside from everything being shortened, delayed, and different, I think we made the best out of it. I’m just glad we finally got something, it was nice to get one last chance to play in high school and I will definitely remember the difference forever.