CCHS Seniors Prom


Will seniors of CCHS have a prom due to Covid-19? I’m sure many of you are thinking or have the same question as me, but since Covid-19 hasn’t gone away yet and 2021 is not looking good for usBut there’s still hope now that more and more students are starting to come back to school due to the Covid-19 vaccine. Since the released of the Covid-19 vaccine, studies show that cases have gone down. Even though we have two more months of school left, there’s a slim chance we might be able to have a prom. I think we should have a prom.

There are other option/ideas to get around this problem. Currently there can’t be more than 50 people at a gathering, so to give the seniors the prom we deserve, we can break the students up into groups. Each senior student will get about ahour to have fun than it rotates so another group of studentcan have a good time and enjoy themselves. This is our last year as high school students and we only get to experience this once in our lifetime. Even many teachers, students, and faculty want to have a prom. 

Photo credit: Carbondale Civic Center.

If we can’t have it during the school year, we could at least aim for the summertime. That way, we’ll still have a change even after we already had graduatedBut and the end if we don’t have a prom, I’ll be upset because I waited so long for this moment just so it can get ruined by Covid-19. It’s not fair for us as the class of 2021 not to have one knowing previous classes before us could (besides the class of 2020 – they were pretty sad just like we would be if we didn’t have one either). I just feel like everybody has been through a lot in 2020 when Covid-19 started and we need a distraction, even if it is only for a little bit of timeI don’t know about you, but I want to make some memories of my last time in school since we only get one go in life.