Is Snow Remote Days better than Regular Snow Days?


Lizbeth Melchor-Vertiz

Seniors would say that they probably do not care if they got snow days because we do not have to make them up. But the other grades would care, and they would choose snow remote days.

The school choosing to do snow remote days was a great choice because the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders do not have to make up the days. Also, the teachers can still go by their daily schedule for class; they do not have to make any changes. Before the pandemic we got snow days and we had to stay home and not have to go to school. But we had to make up those days at the end of the school year. But since COVID-19 hit us the way we go to school is different. We got the option to do snow remote days and study online.

This remote snow days is a lot safer for the fact that the students that drive or get dropped off do not have to risk getting on the roads filled with snow. Also, the school bus drivers do not have to pick up students from their homes. When we got so much snow some neighborhoods were not even cleared of snow. This is also a good way to keep moving forward then to have a regular snow day and be behind. Snow days do sound nice to stay out of school and not do anything but for freshman, sophomores, and juniors they make those days up. Seniors on the other hand do not have to.

If we do get more snow for some odd reason the school should choose snow remote days. For this reason, is because the students would rather be on the computer learning and not have to make up those snow days at the end of the school year.