2020 School Year Comes to an End


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Anna Pickett


As January and the new year rolls around, kids all over the world are getting ready for finals and for that big Christmas break. Unfortunately, that will not be the case this year due to the global pandemic known as the Covid-19 outbreak.

Most schools have dropped finals this year due to the fact that most schools are not attending school in-person and have been moved to online. For some students this is great, but for others it may have been their one opportunity to pass a class they really needed points for. Online has not been easy for some and this can have different viewpoints. Some kids need to be taught in-person and have face to face conversations with their teachers. Internet issues have been reported as well and this severely hurt one’s grade as well. Getting online for attendance points, or even not having the internet to turn in an assignment that was due.

A college student from John A. Logan was interviewed and stated that, “I miss feeling accomplished in school, and now I don’t feel I am even doing enough. I feel like school has a different viewpoint now,” says Mason Hunsperger. This year has been tough on students and the ways things have changed. This pandemic is a first for this generation and it goes to show how things can change quickly. The education system is going through multiple difficulties and is not getting easier for the students or teachers. 

Retrieved from Google.com.

The pressure becomes even wider with parents getting angry and students having doubt in their intelligence, getting in trouble for bad grades or a student working hard on something and the internet crashes and their work gets deleted. There are multiple mistakes that can happen to affect how a student feels or tries. This later could turn into lack of motivation. If students feel in doubt or like what they do is not mattering, they may start to give up. 

All together, it has been a rough 2020 for the education system, teachers, and students all over the world, but if we can exert more motivation and attribution for one’s work, it may help spread a better work ethic and understanding that the students’ efforts matter.