What Great Classes and Sports We Have At CCHS!

What Great Classes and Sports We Have At CCHS!

One of our great classes is our CNA Program which is taught my Mrs. Melanie Nelson. The program is designed for student who wants to pursue a career in healthcare. It helps you get your certification for CNA after you pass the school exam and then a few months after you will take state exam. But our Can also give us the certification for CPR and gives us training in the nursing home.  

Another one our good classes is the Forensic class which is taught by Ms. Carrie Mueller. That class if you want to learn about mortuary science or become a corner, that class gives you the feel and you learn a lot of great things. You will learn how to do and process doing DNA. You will learn to solve cases and what to look in them. Cause what you think is not important might be important. The little things matter. 

Then there is photography. Photography is a fun class. You learn about the different types of pictures and the different angles and you learn different things about the different lenses and settings and color and everything. If you plan to become a photographer, learning in CCHS is one of the best ways to learn about photography 

Then the last one I would say our football team. They are really good players, and they work there butts off to win games and working day and night and practicing. if you want to play CCHS start, because they are good team players, and the coaches are amazing. They work and work and work with you until you become better and meet the goals that you want to meet. And if you like cheerleading, join the squad, if you want to cheer on the football team. 

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