Behind The Scenes Of Teaching


All over the world there are teachers everywhere, for almost everything you want to or need to learn about. They are the key to the education system and are what make future generations ready for their life as adults and workers, even those in college. But what makes teachers willing to teach and take on such a difficult task? What inspired them and what drove them to want to choose this career? There are many teachers whose ideas and reasonings are not expressed, even when they should be.

 It is interesting to learn about teachers and their story, because most of the time students have such a barrier in between their relationships with their teachers and they forget they are just people like the rest of us. Because they have such a superior role and give directions to students, it can come off as a different vibe. Like the old saying “teachers are not your friends.” Going along with that, it’s good to get to know everybody and dive in a little deeper. Different teachers are going to have different reasonings for wanting to pursue their career, and some may be the same. A teacher at Carbondale Community High School, was asked a question on what inspired her to be a teacher, and she states that, “I never wanted to be a teacher.  I really wanted to be a wildlife biologist because of my love for nature and science.  Over the summer, I was a outreach educator for the Missouri Botanical Garden and Touch of Nature.  I enjoyed both of those jobs immensely.  When I finally took my wildlife research class, it what I expected.  The teacher told us it was never really a set income or job.  I did not want that as my future.  So, I decided to go into teaching.  I taught my first year of high school and loved it,” says Stacey Massie. 

    This goes to show that some people have different stems as to what lead them to their career. As Stacey mentioned, she loved nature and wasn’t planning on being a teacher, but when life was thrown her way, she managed to take what she loved and teach it. She then ended up becoming a teacher who loves what she does.

Another question commonly asked is what is the most difficult or best part about the job of being a teacher, and what makes it worth it. Another teacher at Carbondale Community High School was asked a similar question as to what is the hardest part in their teaching career. Chris Apple, a personal finance teacher, stated that, “The most difficult thing about my career is encouraging students to realize/understand that education is important. I love learning no matter what the subject. I understand that some students don’t have interests in certain subjects, but there are many lessons to be learned on the process of learning in general. Being able to reflect on that process and realizing what that process looks like for YOU, that individual, is a lesson that you take with you throughout life. This is probably the most difficult thing about my career is helping students realize that everything about school in the long run is a life lesson that helps mold their future. I am lucky that most of what I teach students either sign up for the class and have an interest or are personal finance life skills. This again goes to show how important it is in learning someone’s opinion and seeing where they are coming from. This quote is perfect and explains everything through his point of view. 

So again, teachers all over the world have different stories and opinions, but in the end they are teaching their students to be the best versions of themselves that is possible, and will forever be doing work that helps kids strive in their own education.