Covid-19 Effects Elders Health and Mentality


This resident is upset and lonely

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This resident is upset and lonely


Dying is not something that someone should ever have to go through alone, especially while approaching their last few months of life. Sadly, due to Covid-19, many residents in nursing homes all across the country are being severely isolated, and kept away from the outside world they once knew. Furthermore, just little activities done in the home are also all shut down and contact is almost nonexistent. 

As an elder it is very important to get as much physical movement and nutrition as possible, but due to therapy and group meetings being canceled due to the pandemic, they are becoming immobile

This resident is upset and lonely (© Alamy) (retrieved from google)
Nurse helps resident by calming them and talking to them. (photo retrieved from google)

and depressed. They can no longer talk with their friends, human resources, and most importantly, their families. When they do get to talk to them it is through a dark screen window and they are at least 6 feet apart from one another. No contact is allowed because elders are at a high risk of death from Covid-19. 

This is a time in their life when they want to be around their family and friends. They want to hug their grand kids, nephews, sons, etc. But are sadly unable for the time being. “I haven’t been able to hug my granddaughters or touch them. I cry to them on the phone and tell them how much I miss them and that I am sorry. I really do miss them so much”, says a local resident . 

Depression has been skyrocketing in nursing homes over the last few months and has definitely affected their mindsets. “I miss the simple things like sitting on the porch and drinking coffee with the other residents, my depression came back after years of it being gone” says another resident . The residents are slowly becoming numb and unable to gain motivation. Sitting in their rooms not knowing when these terrible times will ever come to end that they will see.

  While this is affecting millions of residents and their families nationwide, nursing homes are trying to keep a safe and clean environment from covid-19, while also trying to comfort saddened residents as well, no one deserves this, and with time and cooperation, one day this will no longer be a worry.