Why Warmth is Better!


Robert Trinh

As the bright snow fell down on our confused heads this Halloween, the people of Southern Illinois realized that they were approaching a long and confusing winter season. 

Some people seem to enjoy the cold season, it allows some of us to wear warm clothes, stay inside, cozy up by the fireplace, and drink some hot chocolate, but for the people that don’t like the cold, winter is a gray, depressing and unforgiving season that freezes our hands and feet. 

After a confusing season consisting of a sixty degree Christmas, snowy Halloween, and a lukewarm Thanksgiving, this recent winter season has been everything but typical. Though in this period we have seen odd days that have teased us with warm weather, mother nature was always ready to bring us back to reality by reminding us that freezing temperatures in winter was still a phenomenon. As inconsistency continued throughout this past season, we would see a random fifty degree day followed by a week of twenty degree weather. Developing a deep mistrust towards mother nature and the weatherman, it is understandable why certain people might have enjoyed or despised the latter season.

While some may miss the coldness, many will benefit from the approach of warmer weather, and it is quite refreshing to see fifty to sixty degree weather fill up the charts. Some people regard spring as a nasty season, all the rain, the allergies, and the sogginess, but I consider the spring as the open door to the shining summer season. 

One major benefit that we gain as we approach spring is the decline of sickness in our community. Most of us know that the winter season brings sickness due to us being confined in buildings, and the little amount of sunlight we get. We can only hope that sicknesses like the Coronavirus decrease as the heat continues to grow in this new spring season.