CCHS Girls Basketball Team on A Hot Streak Late In Season


The CCHS girls’ basketball is on a roll. After a rough start on the season, and not being able to hit shots. they have come away on a four-win streak. Although its coming down to the end of the season, they seem to be figuring out things as a team. After beginning the season with a cold offense, a distracted defense, and a slightly off-balance team chemistry, they have really started to pick things up on the late stretch. Even though they only have two games left in the season, they are still looking forward to growing and making the best out of it. When asking Elaiyah about their record she yelled “4-0 baby” Even though they have played many more games than that, they feel like their real season is only beginning. 

“we stopped playing our own game and started playing a team game” Elaiyah Badger told Terrier Times the girls are currently 9-14 following the close win against Cahokia. With two games left in the season they plan to continue to grow as a team and a family and become ready for the future years. They have plenty of weapons in the arsenal. They have just now came in touch with how to take advantage of what they have .For instance, Faith Holiday has a strap. With that I didn’t see many plays ran around that until here at the end. Also, Hannah Lowndes is a dog in the paint towering over people, but Carbondale didn’t seem to play as a team at the beginning. We all had doubted this season, but now the girls are on a role and showing what they are made of.