Pros to having a variety of P.E classes

Lashawn Newell

Keeping up with your physical health is more beneficial to you than some may think. It seems that too often people take their physical health for granted. America is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world when it comes to things like obesity and diabetes. Part of this problem is because people don’t realize the importance of being fit or know how to properly take care of their body. This is where the importance of having a P.E class comes in

This is where the importance of having a P.E class comes in. Not everyone has the same goals or ideas as other’s when it comes to being fit so how do you make everyone happy with the P.E class they take? You give them options, people get tired of just shooting basketballs the entire gym hour and want more to do. Here at CCHS we offer six different P.E. classes that our students can take.

We have the following classes: Adventure Ed, Freshman Strength Training, Freshmen P.E, Personal Fitness, Team sports, and Strength training.

The freshman options for P.E are strength training and basic P.E. The basic P.E class involves a lot of introduction into what physical education actually is. They learn about the different parts of the body and the importance of taking care of yourself. There is also book work associated with the class similar to health class. Freshman strength training is introduction to lifting weights and how to properly weight lift, they don’t lift as much as normal strength training.

The classes that can be took after freshmen year are personal fitness, Strength training, team sports, and adventure ed. Personal Fitness is not limited to females, but more girls tend to take the class. They do things like Zumba and other dance orientated exercises. They also do a lot of  Aerobic workouts as well as learn how to create their own workout schedule. Strength training is almost the opposite as far as who takes it. The class tends to consist of mostly boys, athletes in particular.

Adventure Ed is a really unique class. It’s very outside based and students learn skills useful for surviving outside and doing things like rock climbing, archery, and roller rollerblading. Anyone who likes to try new things would be a great fit for this class and learn life skills that can be used far beyond being at CCHS.

Then there’s Team Sports which is team-work orientated. It teaches students how to effectively communicate and work together to get stuff done. Anyone who likes to play things like tennis, volleyball, etc would be a good fit for this class.