Reasons High School Students Tend to Have No Money

Isaac McMurphy

Money…..  We all work hard for it and you don’t want to waste it. As I’ve grown up I’ve always been told to save my money and spend as little of it as possible. But that always seems impossible growing up seeing new items on the shelves that we think we have to have.  What we soon realize though is that after buying those items that we think we have to have, our wallets seem to get smaller and smaller and then that feeling kicks in. The feeling I’m talking about is that worrying going through our head thinking of how we are going to afford the stuff we actually need.

Right now as 17 and 18 years old we don’t have much to pay for other than gas and maybe a cell phone bill. But in a few years we will be on our own trying to figure out how to successfully maintain money without running out and not being able to purchase what we actually need to survive. So that brings us to the point that many wonder about, how do we successfully keep our account balances to where we don’t tend to worry about it.

First of all, QUIT wasting you money on fast food! According to, Americans generally spend around 1200 dollars per year on fast food which is not difficult to believe what so ever. Since I started my first job at 14 I have made near 10,000 dollars. And I personally can add up at least 2,000 dollars worth of money I have stupidly spent on fast food. Yes, every now and then you can go to Taco Bell and order food, but doing it three or four times a week adds up very fast.

Secondly, don’t waste your money on video games or apps for your phone. No one can deny this, we all know we’ve spent the 10 dollars on Fortnite for the Battle Pass or paid the 2.99 for the app on Itunes because we thought it was cool. That purchase at the time may seem like the smartest decision ever but it truly is just like burning money with fire, we never get anything back from it. Many times we buy items like this to make ourselves happy and think that we are going it was a great purchase. And yes for the first two weeks it might be, but eventually that app or video game will be untouched while the money you spent on it is wasted. At the time of the purchase it may have only seemed like a couple dollars , but what we tend to not realize is that it adds up over time.

With all of this being said, save you’re money and don’t waste it on things you don’t need. Next time you think you need to go to Dollar General to get snacks, do not do it. Because when you have to wait for that next paycheck to buy anything you actually need such as gas for your car and then once you buy it and you’re back to no money. You will have wished you saved your money instead of throwing it into the wind. Image result for bank account balance pics