Border Wall Vs. Great Wall: Why a border wall would never work

Border Wall Vs. Great Wall: Why a border wall would never work

Darrien Trexler

A Border Wall, despite what many people think, would never work in our current time period. Because of the technology that we have today. Some Illegals from Mexico fly over the border while other Illegals come from Overseas countries in places like Asia and other countries in Latin America. And some people get smuggled into our country through Trucks and Boats. 



The Great Wall of China is one of the biggest Tourist Attractions of China today. But why was the Great Wall built in the first place? The Great Wall had begun construction as early as the 7th century BC and was built to protect the Chinese empires and states from Nomadic tribes of the Eurasian Steppe (more specifically the Mongols) and their forms of Government.

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Why do we want to build a border wall? It’s because Mexico is the largest source of illegal immigration to the United States. Though in recent years, illegal immigrants from Mexico have been steadily declining while other large sources of immigration have been going up. Illegal immigration doesn’t pose much of a threat to us as most people think it does. Because it’s an overall minor issue that is faced in our country.

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And besides, there is already something at the border that blocks us off from Mexico. It’s called the Mexico-United States barrier. It’s a series of fences that separates us from the Mexicans but doesn’t cover up our whole border with Mexico.

The only reason why the great wall worked for China during that time was simple. They didn’t have the technology that the modern world has today. So the reality is that the wall would only slow down illegal immigration. Because even though the majority of illegals come from Mexico doesn’t mean that all illegals come from there. And Central America and Asia as a whole were the second and third largest sources of illegal immigrants to our country respectively. People nowadays can fly across the world with ease. So the true key would be to have better airport security.