Top 5 Juice WRLD Songs

Joseph Kamps

Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known to the world as Juice WRLD, recently passed away on December 8th, 2019. His music helped many through hard times and heartbreak, and his impact on the modern rap/trap scene cannot be understated. To celebrate the life of Juice WRLD and his music, here are the Top 5 Songs (in my opinion) made by Juice WRLD.


#5 Hear Me Calling

Hear Me Calling is one of the singles off of Juice WRLD’s last album, Death Race for Love. The song sees Juice rapping and singing about the girl he has feelings for. He is worried she may be ignoring him, and insinuates that she may be ignoring his calls to her, on his phone and probably verbal calls. Despite his concerns with his lady, most of the song is spent gushing over how he feels about his girl. The song has a good vibe to it and is an enjoyable listen.

#4 Who Shot Cupid?

Who Shot Cupid? is another single off of Death Race for Love. This song features Juice thinking about an ex who left him heartbroken but now wants him back now that he is rich and famous. Juice discusses many heavy topics in this topic, from heartbreak to drug use, over great instrumentals and a solid beat. This is another fantastic song that shows Juice’s emotional depth as a performer.

#3 All Girls Are The Same

All Girls Are The Same is Juice WRLD’s first hit and one of his biggest. The song sees Juice taking on the idea that all women are the same and will only break his heart. Like a lot of Juice WRLD songs, this song is very melancholy and helped establish Juice WRLD’s trademark style.

#2 Legends

Legends is a tribute song to two fellow musicians who tragically died before Juice himself would end up dying, the two rappers being XXXTentacion and Lil Peep. Legends reminisces on the idea of people being able to change the world but falling in the making, and how X and Peep died. The song also features a lyric many people reflected on, ‘What’s the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21.’ as Juice WRLD died just a few days after turning 21, almost predicting his own death. This song is both a faithful tribute and a fantastic track.

#1 Lucid Dreams

Juice WRLD’s biggest hit was easily Lucid Dreams, and it is easy to see why. In many ways, it defines what Juice WRLD is known for as an artist. Like many other Juice WRLD songs, the song sees him thinking about an ex-lover he had and how she made him feels and how he continues to hurt because of her actions. While the song has memorable instrumentals, the lyrics take center stage and are quotable, simple, but also very powerful. Lucid Dreams saw Juice doing what he did best, and because of that in my view Lucid Dreams was the best song Juice WRLD made.

R.I.P. Juice. Thank you for all the personal hardships and heartbreak you got so many people through. Much like other artists who have died recently, like X or Mac Miller, your legacy will not be soon forgotten and your impact on the modern music scene will not go unfelt.