Anti-Christmas Movies

As I sit here writing this article, I am listening to my new favorite Christmas song, Father Christmas by The Kinks. The only other Christmas songs I enjoy besides this song depicting a bratty child that threatens Santa Clause for money instead of presents, is Maria Carry’s “All I Want For Christmas” and “The Grinch,” the Glee version.

Just like Christmas songs, Christmas movies are often underwhelming for me. They are over-played and over-praised. I have never been a fan of the Polar Express, I can barely stomach Elf, and the live action Grinch brings me to tears. The only Christmas movies that are holiday movies by design that I enjoy are Love Actually, The Holiday, and the Santa Clause movies that aired on Disney channel during the early 2000’s. In order to combat this horrible repeat of subpar movies I have compiled a list of interesting movies that you can experience this winter season.

Welcome to my 2019 Anti-Christmas Movie List.

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Die Hard: This film has been a disputed topic since it came out, causing audiences to argue whether or not it is a Christmas movie. It obviously is, since the film’s villain, Hans Gruber,

uses a holiday party as a setting to take hostages. Steven E. de Souza, the film’s screenwriter, firmly claims that it is a Christmas movie. Since the film takes place during a Christmas party and a romance is rekindled I can see no way that the movie can not be considered in the holiday spirit. Die Hard Trailer

Hot Fuzz: Peter Jackson graces this film with his presence by playing Father Christmas- an obvious allusion to the holiday- a criminal who is apprehended by the films lead characters. Although this was not a long scene, the general holiday connection is established, making the movie acceptable for Christmas watching. Hot Fuzz Trailer

Batman Returns: Although the normally grim, gritty atmosphere of these movies may put some off, Batman proudly shows that not all Christmas movies have to be happy and kind. The entire film takes place during Christmas and many scenes are positioned in front of or aroundImage result for batman returns christmas an enormous Christmas trees. Candy canes and snow, however, do not distract from the adverse themes the movie presents, picturing an incredibly non-traditional vibe of the holiday season. If you’re sick of happiness and cheer, this movie may be your holiday escape. Batman Returns Trailer

Gremlins: Gremlins takes place on Christmas Eve, undeniably connecting it to the holidays. The incidents that occur during the course of the movie connect it even further, as many of the situations revolve around Christmas traditions, such as a decorated tree, Christmas carolers, and love and friendship, with the main characters sharing their tragic back stories and falling in love. Gremlins Trailer

These movies, among others, offer to enlighten and excite your holiday experience, mixing action and adventure with the odd Hallmark movie you may choose to watch (though we all know that the plots are exactly the same, something about the generic plots really do draw middle aged women and me to enjoy the cliché ideas.) So, whether you’re sick of tradition or simply wanting to defy the norm, I guarantee that these movies will make Christmas enthusiasts incredibly angry. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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