My favorite games based on category


If you ever walk into my house, you will see me doing 2-3 things. One would be reading books ranging from comics, encyclopedias, Lowe’s house plans or books on Aliens. The second thing would be working on homework if I don’t finish it at school. The last one? playing a video game for pretty much the entire day. Video games have an impact on the world by giving people like you and I a new form of entertainment, a form of entertainment that gets us engaged by use of things like virtual reality, the Wii, or consoles like the Playstation 4 and X-box one. This has impacted the world so much that people have opened up blogs, news, and books about things like why are Video Games important, or what our favorite Video Games are. I am the latter, and I am basing this on things like action, story, or other details of a game such as graphics, so let’s knock this out, shall we?

Image previewAction: Left 4 Dead 

It was a tie between this and God of war 4, but I went with this one because while in God of War 4 you have breathing room, you don’t have that in left 4 dead. whatever Map you start on or what chapter you are on, when you exit the Safe House door there will already be multiple Zombies greeting you out of the door ready to pummel and bite you. When I first played left 4 dead, I couldn’t stop playing it because not only do the controls work like Doom, but there are always plenty of weapons to use against the 10s and 100s of Zombies that come after you. Guns such as Shotguns, Machine guns, Pistols and heavy ordnance weapons like Sniper rifles and Grenade Launchers, with melee weapons that Include Axes, swords, Frying pans and Electric guitars. The challenge/action of this game will leave you wanting more, with types of Zombies like the Boomer that sprays liquid that attracts Zombies, Hunters that apparently know Parkour, Tanks which are big buff Zombies that can throw cars and punch players off of Skyscrapers, and much much more, this is a great action pick., and many people would agree!

Image previewCombat: Batman Arkham Asylum.

when I first got an X-box 360, my Mom hooked me up with all sorts of games like Halo 3, Gears of war 3, Dead island, and my favorite… Batman: Arkham Asylum. The story is that you are trying to stop the Joker from unleashing a new drug Called Titan which is this super steroid that turns you into a giant Monster smashing anything in its way. The best part of this game however is combat. The reason that I put this in for combat is the variety of combat options you have, plus the sound design. From the sound of the wind as a bad guy is thrown, to the crack of a bad guys limb when you do a Takedown. You can counter, use stealth, throw bad guys off a ledge and use many gadgets to trip enemies up, knock them unconscious, and use their own weapons against them! with this game, you can do everything.

Image previewHorror: Dead Space

This game still gives me chills even after beating it a year or two ago, and I guarantee that it will do the same. You play as Issac Clarke, an engineer on the fictional spaceship called the Ishimura, who is trying to find out what a distress call was all about, at the same time a giant stone is causing these Alien-Zombie hybrids called Necromorphs with bladed arms and messed up body form attack the ship and turn it into a nightmare. You get weapons and gadgets to help you survive, but there is also Ambiance, sound design, and some of the things you can encounter, hallucinations of just… bad things. Like Left 4 DeadDead Space has plenty of monsters to fight with their own attacks. This, combined with the elements of horror makes this game a noteworthy example of being scared straight. Just watch out for the fast moving Twitchers…. Oh god.

Image previewStory: The Witcher

Where do I begin? This game will leave you engaged more than Fornite engaged millions of people to dance online! You play as Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter imbued with mutations and superpowers. The variety of stories the Witcher series has will leave you satisfied each time, ranging from saving the world to curing a king’s daughter and trying to escape prison! the Gameplay is smooth, enabling you to cut through enemies like a knife through butter. You can customize him, his abilities, and interact with hundreds of characters that can give you many, many quest branches. The acting is stellar, with the characters sounding like how I think they would talk in real life, from Geralt’s tough, gritty voice to the accents and sounds of monsters and people, you can’t miss this gem of a game.

Image previewShock value: The Last of Us

This game in the only one on the list that made me shed tears at the BEGINNING of the game, not middle or end, but the beginning. It is an apocalyptic story where you have to escort a girl named Ellie, who seems to be immune to the whole thing, to a lab where they could try and find a cure. The enemies trying to stop them rang from fungus infected zombies called Clickers and an organization called the Fireflies. The game’s graphics, acting, Gameplay and environment are sure to make you feel like you are a character in the game. It is a good game but when it comes to the story, you should bring a box of tissues.

Image previewFree Roam: Red dead Redemption 2

I still play this even though I beat the story months ago and you know why? the free roam. This game will leave you busy with your hands on the controller. Blasting people away, hunting Animals, breaking up two Dumb Brothers trying to impress a Girl… The possibilities are limitless! you are part of a gang run by Dutch Van Der Lin and they just got back from an epic fail of a heist in a place called Blackwater. There are many, many other gangs out there to stop you, from the O’driscolls, Lemoyne raiders to creepy gangs like the Night Folk and the Murfree Brood. There is a karma system in the game. Saving lives, Giving money to people and saving a man from poison on one occasion will get you good karma. Punching or shooting innocents, agonizing the civilians and just being a jerk will get you bad honor and it matters what kind of karma you have because the ending can change with you being nice or naughty… even the NPC’s and the environment will react with people either saying hello or yelling at you and shooting you on sight. Thanks to Rockstar studios, this is a game worth exploring and it tells you that. Some of the music tracks include songs by Willie Nelson and D’angelo, which is kind of sweet.

Image previewSoundtrack: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

I swear, whenever I think of a game I was actually addicted to, it has to be Skyrim. This has sunk into my life since late middle school and senior year along. The reason why is because the graphics are great, the action is strategic, the story is awesome because you are an ancient warrior who is revealed to get power from the souls of Dragons and you can do things like throw enemies off a Cliff, turn them into a Vapor, shoot Fire at them, and you can do all of this… by SHOUTING. The best part that I have titled though… is the music. No matter what environment you are in, the music matches that environment or scenario, booming music at the main menu, Drums ,Violins and chorus for combat and quiet, somber music for the nighttime. My favorite music in the game is whenever you enter a bar because they have Instruments like Flutes, lutes and much, much more. If you have the special edition for VR like I have, well then not only do you get all of the DLC’s, but you get to experience it like you are in Skyrim itself! it is still kinda scary seeing a giant in first person! The music for this is great, starting at the right times, and making you addicted at the same time.