Best of Smartphone Tech in 2019!

Justin Kamps

Regardless of your position on anything, whether you live under a rock or you’re the most social person alive, it’s been impossible to ignore how much innovation in smartphones there has been released in this past calendar year. From new companies innovating to tech giants providing value in their products for the first time in a while, here are the the top 5 best pieces of smartphone tech in 2019!

  1. Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro MaxWith Apple’s 2019 release, for the first time since the original iPhone, there’s a feeling among the tech community that Apple has added enough features while keeping their own image and ecosystem worth it in modern times, regardless of if you’re paying $699 for the base 64 gigabyte iPhone 11 to the completely maxed out iPhone 11 Pro Max for $1449, the industry leading water resistance, new, best in class camera software and hardware, a free extended trial to Apple TV+, the a gorgeous, colorful design and more make this the best iPhone to date. Links to buy: (
  2. OnePlus 7 ProWith a tagline of “Never Settle”, this smartphone manufacturer went above and beyond what would be expected for it’s price bracket. A triple camera setup with the same focal lengths as the iPhone, a stunning, bezel-less, 90 hertz OLED display that is smooth and high quality, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset in $1000 Samsungs and Pixels, and some of the fastest wired charging in the industry. All this at a price point of just $549 makes this the best value Android smartphone in 2019. Link to buy: (
  3. Apple AirPods ProApple’s new wireless headphone solution might just be the best in the industry with all the features added. Active or passive noise cancellation, adjustable ear tips, better audio quality, wireless charging, and all at a price just $50 more than the second generation AirPods with wireless charging case. Link to buy: (
  4. Samsung Galaxy FoldSamsung’s latest and most expensive handset is certainly an interesting one. The tall, narrow outer display looks about five years dated, however, when the device is unfolded using the complicated and painstakingly engineered hinge system, all of a sudden your phone becomes a tablet. In spite of the problems with an inevitable crease, to the first Galaxy Fold recall because of what people mistook for a screen protector, to the massive $2000+ price, this first generation product is chock-full of innovation, but cannot place higher due to these setbacks. Link for more info: (
  5. Motorola moto razr 2020This newer folding phone concept is certainly a design many old tech enthusiasts will remember. Motorola look at its origins and decided to give the mid 2000’s Razr a glow up with this new design. Interestingly enough, the phone has two displays, an odd choice given the folding screen on the inside, as well as being about the same size as the original. As much nostalgia as this phone invokes, the notch, single camera, extra tall but not wide enough display, the fold and the $1500 price tag makes this certainly a polarizing device. Link for more info: (

Overall, 2019 has been the year of amazing tech and although only five items are on this list, there are many other favorites that you can discuss in the comments below. That being said, this has been Justin Kamps for Terrier News, signing off.