Call Of Duty Modern warfare Small Review

Bryan McDaniel

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CallofDutyModernWarfare(2019).jpg This is the newest COD to come out on the Xbox 1 and the PS4. On a scale 1-10 I will gave the game a 10 because it look a lot better than the past COD games like they attention to details is so good. Like when firing the gun you can hear the shells hitting the ground you can see the smoke and fire from every shot. This is one of the best next gen games to come out and the game play is very good the movement on the game is better like there are less to no delays in the game . The guns seem more real than past games even though they took off the trigger finger on the hand guns I like that they did that because of the people who don’t have faster trigger fingers than others. They got more things right like when you played as a kid or a weaker women it show how they have a hard time shooting and reloading the guns. Or how there are no guns to powerful than the other they like how they are in real life. For example the AK-47 is not as accuracy is not  But you guys should try it they also bring back spec ops. In when they say going dark they really go dark like you have to be able to play with the night vision lights on because you won’t be able to see nothing without it.