What Are The Most Popular Shoe Brands To Shoe Collectors?

Brian Oh

Most people collect shoes as a hobby. Shoe collectors are always spending more money to earn the shoes that a lot of people can’t afford. In my opinion, there are three brands of shoes that are overpriced and rare. I researched pricing for these rare shoe brands on StockX.

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Adidas Yeezy can be one of the most popular shoe brands to shoe collectors. Adidas Yeezy is a hype-beast fashion collaboration brand from producer Kanye West. This style of shoe has been released six different times and in sixteen different colors. Adidas only sells Yeezy for a limited time and retails for 200 dollars, but the retail price of these shoes is usually over 800 dollars. The first Yeezy was released on October 29th, 2015 and those shoes sold out in 30 seconds upon release.

Nike ‘Travis Scott’ shoes are one of the rarest shoes. These shoes are also a hype- beast fashion collaboration brand with rapper Travis Scott. He redesigned the Nike main shoes like Air force 1 and Jordan Retro 1 High to recreate his own signature shoes. He usually only changes the place of brand mark and puts his own colors and signature, which makes it look more simple and clean. Most customers had complained about only a few differences and the massive price, but these shoes were insanely popular to shoe collectors. Nike sold these shoes on their website for $598, but these shoes also sold out around 30 seconds upon release. This shoe brand also has insane retail prices, which sells for  $1600.

Jordan is the one of the most popular shoe brands to shoe collectors. Most shoe lovers can buy Jordans easily anywhere but it is a totally different story for special edition colors. Most of the Jordans are around 150 to 200 dollars; however when Jordan released the new edition colors for the limited amounts, it was sold out in 30 seconds upon release. One day, Jordan released Air Jordan 4 Retro Kaws ” Cool Grey” for  350 dollars, but the website crashed because there were too many customers logging on it at once. The retail price of these shoes was unbelievable, they sold for $1700.