Top Golf Course in Southern Illinois

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Golf is one of my favorite hobbies. It is a good way to free the mind from stressful situations happening in everyday life. I started playing golf in 7th grade, but seriously started playing on a golf team, sophomore year of high school. In just that short amount of time, I have developed such a love for the game. As a result of all the golf I have played over the years, I have been able to identify the best golf course in Southern Illinois.Image result for kokopelli golf course marion illinois

The Links at Kokopelli golf course in Marion, Illinois was established in 1996. It was created by a man named Steve Smyers, who created golf courses worldwide in places like Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Iceland. It is a well known golf course in Southern Illinois and has received national recognition by Golf Week Magazine. The 2014 publication named the Links at Kokopelli one of the top golf courses you can play at in Illinois due to the quality of the course and the affordable prices.Image result for kokopelli golf course marion illinois

I have identified The Links at Kokopelli as my favorite golf course because the challenging layout and the beautiful Zoysia grass that leaves unbelievably satisfying divots. A lot of people in life tend to steer clear of challenging situations, I have never been one to do that. I like to face tougher situations and tackle the issues as needed. When playing golf, you have to learn how to adapt to your surroundings. As a team, you practice on your home course and get comfortable with it. When you play tournaments, you have to adapt to the other courses and what obstacles that come along with it. Kokopelli has been known as a challenging course by the set up, but that has never once stopped me from playing there because it is always so much fun.