A Farewell to My First Love

My first love caught my attention faster than a plate of  a double bacon cheeseburger and a side a fries. Standing there tall and built to perfection, I was in awe. Being introduced by my cousin Jasmyn, I was frightened at the connection that we would have. I saw myself falling in love hard at an uncontrollable rate. After one encounter of two hours max, I, Zoie Saunders, was in love. How crazy was I, as a 6th grader at the age of 11 in LOVE? Your guess is as good as mine.

I should probably tell you guys that if you think I just introduced some snotty nose boy as being my first love, you’re insane. My first love is a sport! Can you guess which one (without scrolling down)? Wrong, it’s volleyball! Volleyball is the first sport that I ever played with an organization (school). I was mesmerized by the intensity, the not knowing of what will happen next, the long rally’s, the tight relationship between the players, and the play ending points.

Since volleyball is a team sport, in my opinion it is a great way to introduce an athlete into sports. I have played volleyball for a total of 7 years. And within the next week or two I will kiss it goodbye. It’s not just the sport itself that made me come back year after year, it was the players of the team that drew me to come back. For that I am truly grateful. Grateful for not only the experience, but the memories that will never leave as I continue on in life.


Farewell to My First Love. I wish you the best, as we will depart.

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