How to Throw Correctly in Disc Golf for Beginners


Weylin McDermott-Phillips

Disc golf is an ever-growing sport that is spreading in popularity across the world and is benefiting a tremendous amount of people in multiple ways! Most courses have 18 holes, but there are also 9 hole and 27 hole courses. Like Golf the goal of the game is to hole out with the least amount of strokes possible. Instead of different types of clubs, disc golf uses multiple molds and types of discs in order to score the lowest. And in this sport throwing with correct form is key to having more accuracy, throwing farther, and decreasing chances for injury!




First, set your feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulder-width. If you’re throwing with your right hand, align your right heel with your left toe in a straight line and vice versa if you throw with your left hand.

Next, load your weight onto your left foot (for a right-handed thrower) while bracing your right foot and reach your right arm back and away from you (example above) and keep the left arm close to your side. After getting into this position shift/push the weight loaded from the left foot to your right foot while pulling the disc across the lower portion of your chest. When pulling across, start the motion from the elbow and accelerate in a straight line with the fastest point being when the disc is in front of you. And after the disc comes out of your hand allow your arm, shoulders, and upper body to rotate in the same direction in order to follow through. The left leg and hip will also need to come around in order to follow through properly.


When done correctly the disc should rip out of your hand and you won’t have to let go of it. Always remember to follow through with the motions you make to prevent injury and increase accuracy in your throws. Now have fun, get out there, and throw!