Miles’s top 5 classic DC Heroes


Miles showalter

Superheroes –  the very peak of my free time, imagination, and the source of debates that happen so often they give Fortnite a run for their money! Here on my first blog, I will be compiling a list of my 5 favorite DC Superheroes. I have narrowed down my favorites not by outfit or power, but by how classic they are. So with that in mind, here are my favorite classic DC superheroes created long ago, and still holding up today!

Number 5: Batman

OK, let’s just get this guy out of the way because I am sure all of you know who he is. The boy whose parents were shot on the way home from the theater and decided “Hey!, let’s spend the majority of my Parent’s inheritance on a Suit and let me become the one thing I was afraid of: Bats!”. This guy has been fighting crime since his comics were released in may of 1939!, and he hasn’t stopped one bit!, even if he did fight some strange enemies, like Zebra-Man!

Number 4: Aquaman

Ah yes, the superhero who was introduced to the public on November of 1941 and the one that most people would call the laughing stock of the Justice League for his ability to quote, “talk to fish.” The reason that I have put him on the list based on how classic he is is because like Batman, he has done a lot of interesting stuff. Some of the things he has done include fighting Superman a few times, lifting things like Submarines over his head, and even just plain helping out the justice league. He might be heavily Criticized, but I don’t see him getting removed from DC anytime soon, and if you don’t believe me, just look at some more of the cool things he has done!

Number 3: the flash

The pure character of the Flash has been around since the 1940s and has had many identities, from Jay Garrick and his lighting T-shirt with saucer hat, to Barry Allen who fell into some chemicals and can do things like run through time, throw lightning and do things that aren’t physically possible even in the next billion years! He has had many classic enemies over the years. Examples being Gorilla Grodd, Reverse flash and the terrible joke making Captain Cold. He has also gone on record saying that his brain is faster than the Justice league Supercomputer! which processes at 100,000 trillion calculations a second!. If you want to know more on what the Flash can do, then check this out!

Number 2: Superman

It wouldn’t be surprising if I put the Man of Steel on the list. This character of DC comics has been popular with comic readers of all ages since 1939! He is often hated by being pretty and I quote “broken” as a comic character due to his many powers. the classic Heat vision, frost breath, flying across the universe(sometimes Multiverse!), and super strength that can lift anything from planets to a giant weight machine that is said to weigh 200 Quintillion tons! You know his villains, from Human evil geniuses like Lex Luthor to aliens like Lobo, Brainiac, And Darkseid, who are all powerful enough to rival the universe and maybe the Multiverse. He has been an inspiration for everybody and all ages, and he won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Number 1: Wonder Woman

My number one choice is one who has inspired people since she was created in 1942 to fight the Oppressive wrath of the Nazis, she is non other than the classic Wonder woman! Diana prince has a long run of villains that not a lot of people talk about, such as Cheetah, Ares, and a villain called doctor poison! One of my favorite things about wonder woman is that she has an inspirational story. She was sculpted from clay and was brought to life by the god of thunder Zeus himself. She is the character that started the warrior archetype of certain comics and games! she has always wanted to be a great warrior and she ended up training from the beginning of her life and being the best in competitions. They are both powerful characters that both have limits, and fight to save the world from being destroyed. She has proven time and time again that you don’t have to be a man to save the world, and that anybody can do what they put their heart to. Here is a list of why Diana is just great.