High School Athlete to College Athlete

Conner Snowden

      A lot of high school athletes dream of playing at the next level. I do dream of playing at the college level and that dream may or may not come true. I started late to the process, before I thought I could play college soccer I wanted to go in to the navy but after looking deeper it wasn’t for me. College is expensive I was looking for ways to make it easier on me and my family and I wanted to continue doing what I loved. I decided to look in to schools with college soccer, you have to get your name out there and make yourself known.  

     First you need to make clips of you playing that you can send to coaches, next you need to get on requiting apps colleges regularly are on there looking for players, then figure out what kind of schools you are looking for and what schools you can get in to after look at schools that meet your criteria write them in a sheet next email those coaches getting your name out there send them videos once one coach sees that there rival is interested  there more likely to get in touch. One of the issues I ran in to was only focusing on fouryear university or only focusing on one school at a time this gets you in a sticky situation. You also need to make time to go visit with the coaches. It means something to coaches to come visit the school, but it stands out if you push to meet with the coaches to have a face to face conversation with them. During this meeting be relaxed if you are stressing it shows and makes you seem to lack confidence; coaches don’t like this.  

     With all these things to do things not to do. Don’t send bad games where you didn’t play good or didn’t play much at all, don’t email schools you can’t get in to or don’t have your program also don’t email the wrong name to a different coach and make sure if you copy and paste emails you change all the names. Any time this happens coaches will not email you back it shows that you don’t care to write to them. The biggest thing is DON’T WAIT, get started end of junior year at the latest. The longer you wait the more doors close.