Top Five Ways to Release Stress

Jalen Chaundy, Writer

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With the end of school approaching and deadlines coming at you quick, everyone tends to feel a bit of stress around this time of year. Arguments arise, people become anxious and snappy. It’s a common things, and something you can fix. Below are my top five ways to release stress and live a happier, healthier life.

  • Take a break from social media

It’s important to realize that social media can cause a lot of stress. By simply putting down your phone, you can focus on the reality of whats going on, and help you connect with others socially. Talk with a friend, go out to eat with your family or go on a walk. You can do almost anything to curb the tendency to check our social media, and its do-able.

  • Relax

Although most people will tell you relaxing is a bad idea, it can actually help release stress if done correctly. Take some time to find a comfortable and quiet place to rest and clear your head. Take a nap, utilize the silence to reflect on your own self interests. By doing so, you can separate yourself from whatever baggage you may feel like you’re carrying.

  • Set some goals

It is always an amazing feeling to accomplish a goal or task that you’ve been working towards. Try to set some goals in your life to keep you working on motivated to continue on with your improvement. Set a goal to workout more, or to eat healthier, or to write in a journal. The possibilities and combinations are endless, and completely to your choosing. Seriously consider what goals you choose to set and to whether or not this will help relieve stress or just increase it.

  • Enhance your life

Everybody has the tendency to do the same routine daily in life. We wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, etc. Take some time to reflect on your routine and see what you could change or improve to help enhance your experiences. Wake up earlier to give yourself a kick start to the day. Eat a healthier or whole breakfast to keep you energized. Take a different way to work, school, or wherever else you’re going. Simple things such as this can help you reach new opportunities or experiences.

  • Travel

Another way to help relieve your stress is to take a trip somewhere interesting. Don’t plan something long distance that takes a lot of planning. Choose somewhere close, and plan out an exciting trip. Go to the lake and soak up some sun, or go to a local town/city and shop at shops on the strip. Take a drive around at sunset and clear your mind. A trip can be anywhere, and the more worthwhile you make it the better chances of your stress levels being lowered.

Those are my top five tips on how to live a happier, stress-relieved life. Make sure to take time for yourself to catch up both physically and mentally.