Top 3 Strategies in for racking up the Krunker Kreds!

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The game of is an ideal game to pass time in any class with a computer and nothing to do. Its competitive and you can play with as many of your friends want to hop on with, but aside from winning a match for bragging rights there’s really no point to each match. That is until you realize like every other FPS, there are skins. These are 3 tips for how to rack up enough Kredits to flex on your friends.

  1. Turn on Challenge mode before you start your match. Most people don’t know but there’s a small toggle in the top left corner of the game that is a must have for playing Krunker. The toggle does cause you to not regenerate health each life but at the end of the match you receive 1.5 the Kredits you normally would have. This makes aiming for those high loot boxes much easier because it requires half the climbing.
  2. Save for higher Crates first.The low crates while you can get them more often, but they don’t have any chance of the good items you’re really looking for. With the lower crates, not only is it a lower chance of dropping those high tier items, but might not even have one of the slots on the wheel for them.                                                                                                                                                                               .
  3. Use easy characters. If you do really well with a character and your friends get mad at you for it being to easy that won’t matter when you’re grinding out extra Kreds later on your own, you can practice being a “skilled” character later when you’re rocking that nice helmet. Having the skin ahead of time for a cheap character can be a great excuse for why you’re using that rocket launcher that you keep annihilating people around corners with because “its got my nicest skin”