How to Take the Perfect Nap

How to Take the Perfect Nap

Hope Trexler

For us seniors, this time of year can feel like a drag. We’re all exhausted from the million deadlines approaching, one of which being a major life decision- college. That being said, I think it’s safe to assume that we all need a nap. Or several. Here are a few tips on how to take the best nap possible. 

1. Make sure you pick the right location. 

While your desk in civics class is a tempting place to nap, it’s definitely not the best in terms of comfort. Personally, I enjoy napping on my couch, but others enjoy their beds. Just make sure you don’t sleep so long you wake up the next day! 

2. Turn on the AC 

According to The Sleep Advisor, there are a lot of benefits to sleeping in a cold room, like falling asleep faster and better sleep quality. Having a cold room also means you can snuggle up in your blankets. 

3. Pick the Right Sleep Attire 

Having comfortable, light pajamas is crucial to having a good nap experience. If you’re sleeping in something uncomfortable, you obviously aren’t going to have a good nap. And if you sleep with socks on…you’re a psychopath. 

Happy napping!