How To Deal With Personal Situations

Trushana Whitty, How To Deal With Personal Situations

As a teenager in high school, we all have experiences following with depression, breakups, and anxiety. Have you ever smiled through the pain? Have you ever had to break barriers to focus on your happiness? how do you cope with your problems? Well, let me guide you to a better day! how do you cope with your problems?

Here’s ways you can deal with your situation.

  • Listening to music

Listening to music, has did a lot for me as far as helping me keep my composure to non agreeable discussions. Taking time to just sit down and create a playlist of your favorite music will release a lot of stress.

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  • Binge watching a series

Binge watching TV shows is good way to release stress, it may not at first but once you choose the show that grabs your interest you’ll practically feel relieved.

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  • Talking to a friend of your choice to receive helpful feedback

Communicating your feelings can be difficult sometimes when you believe that nobody is supporting you, taking the next step will probably be the best choice to do. Find a close friend that will help support you through whatever situation.

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  • Meditation

Meditation one of the most relaxing strategies of the world. Mediation has been around for many years and others found many ways to use different techniques as a way to build positive energy.


  • Getting the right amount of sleep

Not getting the right amount of sleep can cause a person to become excessively angry, set an alarm before going to bed to prepare yourself for bad. Prevent drinking liquids before bed it can cause you to wake up between hours of your sleeping time.

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  • We’re gonna release the demons!

Just a joke there’s no actual demon. If we’re referring toxic behavior in a form of a demon then, yes, you will want to release toxic behavior that increases your stress level. Toxic behavior can come in different shapes. It can be a person, place or a thing that’s toxic overall.

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  • Thinking happy thoughts.

You’ve might’ve heard about this when you were younger from when you were gonna take a test or perform on stage. Thinking happy thoughts while in a cringing situation can be the most relieving feeling ever. When you think about negative things  you’re most likely to do bad. If you’re home alone or just anywhere in public and there’s a job interview of some sort think nothing but good thoughts.

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  • Disconnect from whatever is distracting you from becoming the person you want to be.

Isolating yourself from people who are always negative tends to always be a starter to a new you. You may not understand the meaning of isolation at first because you’re not informed or aware of what’s actually draining you of energy, distance yourself and focus on being a better you.

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