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How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

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How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Andrea Jimenez

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It can be tough to go from seeing someone every day for six months straight to only ten-minute phone calls every week, but it can be done. Especially if you really care about them. My boyfriend and I did it and have gotten used to it even though we are 9 hours away from each other. He’s in the Air Force, and long distance can be a big part of military relationships. Though long distance can occur in any relationship whether it’s because of work or college, it can be tough to get through it. Here are the main points to keeping a long-distance working even if you’re miles apart:  

  • Communication is KEY! Communication is something all relationships should have to understand each other. It can save many arguments from happening, and it keeps you updated with each other’s life – especially being apart from each other. You don’t have to text each other 24/7 to know what they’re doing but do let them know if you will be busy throughout the day. If you happen to be busy every day, make time early on to sit down and video chat or just talk on the phone. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes, it will help the relationship and show your partner you still care about them. 
  • Trust is everything! Like communicating, trusting each other while being apart can be difficult as well. It’s can be hard to trust your partner, especially if you cannot just take their word and believe them. If you don’t trust each other, then what’s the point of a long-distance relationship? Show each other it’s worth it by telling each other how important you guys are in each other’s life, send each other presents, go on FaceTime dates. Give them reasons to trust you and believe you. Keep your word and the relationship will radiate through the miles apart. 

Believe me, like any other relationship — you will have those low days, but communicating and trusting helps bring each other back up. Long distance isn’t for everyone, but if you want it to work out… it’ll be worth it at the end.

Check out Airmen Kyle Gott to get more tips and tricks about keeping a long-distance relationship healthy.  


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How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work