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How to Make Ramen Noodles in a Coffee Maker

Conner Snowden

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Ramen Noodles one of my favorite quick and easy meals. You can cook them so many ways from the lame way of on the stove, boil the water and then put them in or you can cook them in the microwave and even a coffee pot. I will explain how I do it in a coffee pot it doesn’t take long. Everyone is on the tight schedule this allows people to press one button and have it cooked and ready to go. 

Needed items

  • Older style coffee maker one with a pot (does not work with the new fancy coffee makers to my knowledge).  
  • Working electricity with outlet. 
  • Ramen Noodles (Flavor does not matter). 
  • Water 
  • Optional: Whatever flavor bouillon cubes 


  1. Plug in coffee maker. 
  2. Add water to your coffee maker (amount should be labeled on the side of pot). Image result for water in coffee maker
  3. Slightly crunch noodles up. 
  4. Place noodles and bouillon cube (optional) in the coffee pot.Image result for ramen noodles in coffee maker
  5. Place coffee pot under the spout of the coffee maker.
  6. Turn on coffee pot. 
  7. That is, it you should allow the coffee pot to fill with hot water cooking the noodles. This should take a maximum time of 15 minutes if you have a slower coffee maker. 
  8. Dump cooked noodled in to bowl and add seasoning.

Enjoy your quick and easy Ramen Noodles.Image result for ramen noodles in coffee maker

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How to Make Ramen Noodles in a Coffee Maker