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Coffee Shops in Carbondale

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Coffee Shops in Carbondale

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Before a long day of being drained mentally at school and physically at practice afterwards, I start my day with a cup of joe. Whether at home or leaving five minutes early, I have to get some coffee before my day starts or it goes down the wayside.

I go to all three of these coffee places at least once a week. I may stay and work on some homework or just grab a drink and go. All the places have pros and cons to them, and I like going to each place for different reasons.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds has a very quiet and peaceful study setting. It is easy to focus in the coffee shop and I get a lot of work done when I go there.

Although they have a nice study setting their drinks are pricey. As well as they have some food but their selection is not vast. I go there more frequently because it is the closest to my house.

Overall, I am fond of Common Grounds; it is a cute local coffee shop and when I go there it benefits the small business in my community.

Dunkin’ (Donuts)

While Dunkin’ doesn’t have the study space like Common Grounds, they have a lot more options. They have everything from hash browns to breakfast sandwiches to all types of donuts. I enjoy their food a lot and it has the seating to sit down and eat your food.

Along with their variety of food, their drive-thru is convenient when I’m running late in the morning or if I just do not want to get out of my car.

With a lot of food comes a lot of different drinks. I have only had one or two drinks on the menu but they sell everything from lattes to tea, but you can never go wrong with an iced coffee during happy hour. Dunkin’s drinks are very affordable and if I’m running low on money Dunkin’ is my go-to.

My only complaint for Dunkin’ is that they don’t have a place to study before or after school. Other than that I love grabbing coffee with my friends and catching up there.


My final coffee shop in Carbondale is Starbucks. The multi-million dollar coffee company has been a hit with everyone. I enjoy their coffee and buy the Keurig pods. I don’t go there often because it is not on my way to school.

I think that Starbucks drinks are somewhat overrated and over-priced. I enjoy it sometimes, but it isn’t my go to shop. There is not much room to do homework, nor is it a great environment.

I go to Starbucks from time to time, but I have grown away from it for various reasons.

These coffee shops have many things that I like about them, but there are also things I would change about them. I don’t think that I could pick a favorite out of the three some have high prices and some have a good setting.


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Coffee Shops in Carbondale