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Best Episodes of New Girl

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Best Episodes of New Girl

Benen Chen, Author

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If you haven’t seen this hilarious FOX sitcom, you’re really missing out. This show is centered around Jess moving into a loft with 3 male roommates and their chaotic adventures.  The show’s continuing jokes and hilarious characters separate it from the basic sitcom.  Each episode on the list is accompanied with the season and episode number, along with a description of my personal favorite scene from that episode.

You can check out all of these New Girl antics here.

This only includes the 1-6 seasons (the ones on Netflix).
Caution! New Girl is rated PG-13 and there are spoilers!

S1 E19 “Secrets”  The confrontation between Jess and the new “couple” is hilarious.


S1 E22 “Tomatoes”  Nick’s sad attempt at raising tomato plants.

S2 E5   “Models”  Jess’ explanation of her resemblance to a Russian cracker monkey.

S2 E8   ‘Parents”  Jess’ multiple parent traps, both in the past and present.

S2 E15 “Cooler”  Jess’ coming apart from being in the apartment alone.

S2 E25 “Elaine’s Big Day”  Elaine finally professing her love.

 S3 E9   “Longest Night Ever”  Jess hitting Schmidt with her car.

S3 E13 “Birthday”  Nick’s very sweet birthday surprise for Jess.

S3 E19 “Fired Up”  Nick and Winston’s very official law firm.

 S3 E22 “Dance”  Schmidt’s foot race with a middle school child.

S4 E5   “Landline”  Jess’ “informational” lesson on work place relationships.

S4 E6   “Background Check”  The entire loft works together to hid Jess’ illegal substance.

S4 E9   “Thanksgiving IV”  Nick bringing Tran, an old Asian mad he met in a park, to a singles Thanksgiving event.

S4 E10 “Girl Fight”  Coach’s expertise in girl fights simply due to his upbringing with sisters.

S4 E22 “Clean Break”  Schmidt trying to recover his valued Cece possessions.

S5 E6   “Reagan”  Nick struggling to impress Reagan.

S5 E12 “D-Day”  Jess’ accidental make-out session with Schmidt’s father.

S6 E2   “Hubbedy Bubby”  Cece and Jess’ registration of sorority sisters.

S6 E10 “Christmas Eve Eve”  Winston and Cece’s beanbag chair inside joke.

S6 E14 “The Hike”  Jess and Robby find out about their shared family history.

S6 E16 “Operation: Bobcat”  Winston’s concussed proposal to Aly.

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Best Episodes of New Girl