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Starting a YouTube Channel: Is it worth it?

Jalen Chaundy

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There is no question that we live in a technological world, filled with plenty of possibilities. A lot of young stars get their fame through YouTube, using it as a platform to create amazing content to share with the world. The number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 50% year on year, according to Forbes Magazine.  

A common question however is “should I start a YouTube channel?”. YouTube is a promising market, but it takes a lot of dedication and creativity to create a channel that viewers will become interested in. 

With a plethora of YouTube channels, it is not difficult to start your own and produce quality content. All it takes is passion and a vision, but it isn’t for everybody. One of the main issues that YouTubers face is a lack of spare time. A lot of time goes into editing a video, no matter the length.  

Personal experience has shown me that there is never going to be an easy video. You must know your audience, as well as still input your creativity without limiting your ability. Many first-time creators don’t realize the amount of time it can consume from your life.  

The best tips I could give to anyone looking for advice on how to begin would be: 

  • Envision your channel – Ask yourself what you want to create 
  • Know your audience – Who will be watching your videos? 
  • Create unique content – Be creative, be original 
  • Don’t blow your money – You do not have to drop hundreds of dollars on equipment. Utilize the best of your resources 
  • Be passionate – If you create content passionately, it will mean more in the end 
  • Accept criticism – You will have public criticism, learn to not hold it to heart and critique yourself

Becoming a YouTuber is a dream many young teens experience nowadays. Take advantage of the opportunity and start one. If you feel you have the potential to do so, do it with a passionate heart and a motivational, driven mind.  

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Starting a YouTube Channel: Is it worth it?