Why Tobey Mcguire was the Best Spiderman in the Franchise

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In 2002, Sam Raimi blessed the earth and film industry with the masterpiece, Spiderman. Not only was the production a well-crafted, 121-minute eye-candy, but the main feature of the movie was the moving performance by Tobey Maguire. Without a doubt, Tobey Maguire has held the position as the best actor for the Spider-man series. The boy toys Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield hold no merit compared to the almighty Maguire.   

All jokes aside, Spiderman is a character that can be stretched and molded in any way, shape, or form. The most recent Spiderman: Into the Spiderversepays homage to that very idea. However, with the recent performances by Tom Holland, people have turned an unkind eye to Sam Raimi’s production of Spiderman.  

Let me tell you, however though Raimi’s movie’s may have been a bit clunky or awkward, it still stands as the most important Spiderman movie because of a single line said by Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  This line single-handedly defines not only the upcoming of Spiderman, but his morals and philosophy.  

In Raimi’s first iteration of Spiderman, there was a defining moment where Peter Parker could have brought down revenge upon the man who killed Uncle Ben. However, Uncle Ben’s teachings resonated from within Spiderman and Uncle Ben’s killer was spared. Though the other iterations of Spiderman featuring Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield share the same philosophy, there isn’t really a reason why they do it.  

Another reason why Raimi’s Spiderman was better than the others was because of the time that it was made. When Spiderman was released in 2002, it began a new era of the trendy super hero movies that we know and love today. Also, the editing and computer graphics were pretty good for the time as well.  

The trilogy of Spiderman movies directed by Raimi will resonate with most people who have seen it around the time that it came out. This is because the older Spiderman movies are significantly different when compared to the newer versions and when we see Tobey Maguire strut down the street to snazzy jazz music, we can’t help but cringe, but in a good way. We can’t ever really see expect anything like that from Tom Holland.  

I have loved the Spiderman series ever since I was a tiny child. I also don’t think that Tom Holland is doing a bad job, if anything, he is portraying Spiderman as a child that he was meant to be. In a way that Maguire failed. I think this is very refreshing for the image of Spiderman while still being canonical. However, to me, Tobey Maguire will always hold a number one spot because of the irreplaceable fact that it is just nostalgic to me. When I see Raimi’s Spiderman, I’m taken back to the days when I was 5 years old, watching Spiderman for the 4th time with my friends or family.