Game of Thrones: Excitement Builds

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It has been over a year since the last episode of George R.R Martins hit series “Game of Thrones” was aired on television and if you don’t have HBO Go, you have been going through quite the dragon drought, and no one can blame if you have been trying to get your local lizards to breath fire.

When we last left Westeros, we sat in absolute shock watching the Knight King ride a dead dragon, whilst we processed the absolute bomb of a twist Brandon Stark dropped on us regarding his family’s history. The shocking ending combined with an abundance of time has left almost no fan theories unwritten, thanks to bored fanatics.

After months of waiting, there was finally a stir among the Seven Kingdoms as a trailer was released to YouTube and Twitter collecting over 400k likes combined.

The very first teaser and sign of production from the GOT team was a short clip of a table/map with two sides of ice and fire meeting in the middle for what seemed to be an epic showdown.  Of course to the common eye this was nothing but visual effects and fast moving pieces, but if you take a closer look and slow things down, you can unveil a few things. Now most people who broke down this short teaser may be reaching a bit, but it was all we had for a year, so what can you expect? This small clip lead to a boom of fan theories and YouTube videos of people expressing what they think will be happening for season eight.

The most prevalent fan theory that a majority of fans can agree on is that Brandon Stark is, or will become the Knight King. This theory was only strengthened when HBO released it’s second teaser trailer, showing John, Arya and Sansa standing together facing an oncoming swarm of winter weather, a.k.a the Knight King and his army of White Walkers.

In this scene, Brandon is nowhere to be found, leaving people to believe something big is going to happen in regards to Brandon and the Knight Kings’ relationship. We can also see a feather on the ground, being taken over by the frost, which would represent Brandon Stark and his super-natural ability: the sight of a raven.

So, from these two clips, what we know for sure is absolutely nothing and what we think we know is everything. HBO has done a pretty good job keeping fans in the dark by releasing no actual footage from season eight’s episodes. This has left me and other fans very excited for April 14th, which can’t come soon enough.