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Top 5 Mortal Kombat Games

Parker Minckler

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Back in 1992, A group of middle age men had an idea. It was an idea that would shock the world but leave one heck of a legacy. Mortal Kombat is coming out with MK 11 in April and personally, I can’t wait. But until then, I have to play the other games in the series. There are more than 11 installments in the game and they are all great. Actually, I take that back. Subzero Mythologies and Special Forces sucked. Like, bad.

So with those two out of the way, here are my top 5 favorites!

5: Mortal Kombat (2011 Reboot)

Released 4 Years After the disappointment that was Mortal Kombat Armageddon, we were blessed with a 2-D platform game that brought back Memories of playing the first Mortal Kombat installment. The graphics were beyond believable for the time it came out, the story mode was great, and the battle system was no longer broken. I pre-ordered the game as soon as it came out. I may have only been 10 when it came out, but I put in a good amount of hours when I installed it for the PS3.

4: Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

We had seen 3-D Free Roaming games before this one, but if you looked up the games I said were the worst ever, you would have seen that Special Forces was one. But when this idea came around, they did something right. Taking place around the time period Mortal Kombat II out, it was focused on two characters: Liu Kang and Kung Lao. The story was absolutely amazing, the graphics were OK, but having a free roam kombat system was over the top.

3: Mortal Kombat Trilogy

This game was what Armageddon tried to be: a mixture of all previous games put into one disk. They did it right the first time and I’m glad they did. Trilogy had every character from MK1, 2, and Ultimate 3. It had all the stages, and fatalities as well. The graphics are nostalgic to this day and I hope they do a reboot someday.

2: Mortal Kombat Deception

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance may have been the first Mortal Kombat Game for PlayStation 2 but Deception did everything better. The character roster was bigger, all the characters had more than one finishing move, and it even had mini games. Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat were some of the best mini games I have ever played. The konquest mode also was jam packed with content that really sealed the deal.

1: Mortal Kombat 4

As the first installment in the series to be 3d, it paved the way for what Mortal Kombat is today. The graphics were super cheesy, but the game play made up for it. The side step allowed you to dodge oncoming projectiles, the low grab let you throws rocks and decapitated heads, and it was the first game with weapons. The game was stuffed with secret characters and game modes that could only be accessed through a secret code. This game paved the way for what we play today.


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Top 5 Mortal Kombat Games