We Should Have Hats at School


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Hats and hoods are should be allowed be used at school; that’s what I think and other students at the school also think we should also. Students like to express themselves with hats and du-rags and stuff. The biggest epidemic at this school is with teachers having problems with durags, hats, and hoodies. I asked students at this school what the about it and one student said, “we should be allowed to wear this stuff if girls can wear head bands that cover their head then we can wear hats, etc.”

Another reason they would like to wear hats at school one student said that when they get a haircut and they get their hair messed up, they want to cover it up. That could be another reason why bullying could be stopped and that would be a problem that we wouldn’t have to worry about anymore, which can be a good outcome for the school and the students. The student would be able to come to school without being worried about being made fun of. 

Reason number three about the hoodies should the administrators shouldn’t just be worried the guys in the school about the hoodies. They should treat everybody as a equal and they should have a vote on this for the school board and that would solve the problem with the problem of the hats and all that. I asked a teacher what they thought, and they said that they would not mind students having hats in the class room. Most of the problems at CCHS with the hats and other head gear wouldn’t be a problem anymore.