Great spots for fishing in Southern Illinois

Spencer Fred, Local Fisherman

There are many fine fishing spot in Southern Illinois. They range from reclaimed strip mine ponds to local lakes and natural ponds. Southern Illinois has year round spots to name a few…the Big Muddy River, Lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid Lake.  If you want natural landscape and flush wood structure under the water Kinkaid is your lake. If you like fishing by docks and residential areas, Lake of Egypt is your pick. If you’re going for a fast pace violent unforgiving environment, the Big Muddy River is your blessing.

When it comes to the not-so-die hard fishermen and fisher-women who don’t feel like bearing the arctic wind and freezing rain. They would rather just bear the weather in their house watching bill dance bloopers instead of feeding that fish fever eating at their soul. If waiting out the bad weather sounds like you well here is a couple of spots good for spring-early fall.  Here is 4 spots that have some of the best good weather fishing in southern Illinois. These lakes have very different “personalities” and rules.


  1. Grassy lake has natural bank with lots of sand stones under the crystal clear water and to ensure a natural bank with minimum erosion, it has a 9.9hp engine only rule.

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2. Crab orchard has very murky water in complete contrast to Grassy Lake. It also doesn’t have a 9.9 only rule, but has a man-made bank on some of the lake, (just watch out for the busy fishing traffic on the bridges).

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3. Cedar Lake is most like Grassy lake having a 9.9 limit, clear-ish water, and natural banks of sand stone outcroppings and fallen down trees.

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4. Kinkaid lake is a mix of all with some man made banks, some natural banks, light murky water and no engine limit.

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If you are fishing on these lakes remember your life jacket and all your safety equipment you need. Check the visiting center at these lakes to find out what requirements you need to fish the lake before you put your boat in the water.

Now go out and get your lines wet!!!